Austria Vienna vs Hafnarfjordur – Football Champions League

Tuesday night at 19:00 on the Generali Arena, Austria Vienna will face the tournament three Hafnarfjordur in the UEFA Champions League. Austria Vienna was directly qualified for this tour while Iceland champion had to pass a qualifying round to get here.

Austria Vienna was defeated in weekend quite clear Salzburg score is 5-1 and have clearly low morale after the game. Now fans expect the team to make people forget that game and earn the score with Hafnarfjordur, a band clearly weaker than Austria Vienna. In the championship match hosts won 2-0 to debut with Admira and have ticked a victory in a competitive match at Cup of Austria 3-0 with SW Oberwart. After two weeks Austria Vienna win 2-1 at home to Everton in a friendly match.

Hafnarfjordur, Iceland champion went into the second qualifying round of the Uefa Champions League, the Ekranas after two victories. First have won 1-0 away then at home have ticked a victory, 2-1. Hafnarfjordur is in full championship and are the leaders after 13 rounds. Hafnarfjordur has a point ahead of second place but also an extra match played. In the six matches played away in the Icelandic championship, Hafnarfjordur received only three goals and scored 14 times.