Norwich 1-0 Tottenham (23.02.2014) Live Commentary

We have been witnesses to an ordinary game without many stirring situations. There is a space for improvement in other games. The performances of the both teams were more or less balanced. The home team’s main weapon were fast counter-attacks. The away team played long-ball football.
Nothing more will happen in this game because it is over.
Nacer Chadli (Tottenham) meets a delivery on the edge of the penalty area and finishes to the left post. He didn’t put enough power into the effort, and the keeper pulls off an easy save. The play will be restarted with a goal kick.
John Ruddy (Norwich) is booked.
Nacer Chadli (Tottenham) receives a precise pass inside the box and takes a shot that flies just wide of the right post. A goal kick is following.
Nacer Chadli (Tottenham) takes the corner kick and sends the ball among the huddle of players inside the penalty area, but one of the defenders clears it to safety.
Moussa Dembele (Tottenham) aims a lovely cross into the penalty area. Nevertheless, the opponent’s defence is alert and averts the danger with a brilliant clearance. The ball is out of play. Tottenham manage to earn a corner.
The referee shows the yellow card to Michael Dawson (Tottenham).
Michael Dawson (Tottenham) should know this behaviour is beyond the rules. He was too careless with his challenge and made Craig Pawson blow the whistle.
Gary Hooper (Norwich) sends a through ball towards Alexander Tettey (Norwich), who could have found himself in a promising position, but one of the defending players was alert to the danger and made a timely interception.
Substitution. Nathan Redmond is making his way off the pitch with Wesley Hoolahan (Norwich) coming on as his replacement.
Bradley Johnson (Norwich) shoots after receiving a good pass. His effort from the edge of the box goes just wide of the left post. The ball ends up behind the goal line. A goal kick will follow.
The resulting corner from Bradley Johnson (Norwich) is averted by the opposition’s defence.
Nathan Redmond (Norwich) receives a precise pass and is given time inside the box to send a promising strike towards the bottom left corner. Hugo Lloris guessed his intentions and denied the effort with a fine save. The assistant referee makes a right call and Norwich will have a corner.
OFF THE BAR! Bradley Johnson (Norwich) produces a thunderbolt of a strike from distance, but his effort rattles the crossbar!
Michael Dawson (Tottenham) makes a foul. At least that’s what referee Craig Pawson signals. Another situation results in a direct free kick for Norwich.
Robert Snodgrass (Norwich) takes a shot after receiving a good pass, but his effort from the edge of the box goes just over the crossbar. It will be a goal kick.
The substitution has been made. Andros Townsend (Tottenham) has replaced Danny Rose.
Nacer Chadli (Tottenham) darts into the penalty area to latch on to a pass, and he unleashes a low shot in the direction of the left post. John Ruddy is alert and denies his effort with a nice save.
Close! Robert Snodgrass (Norwich) takes the resulting free kick from a promising positon, but his effort flies inches wide of the right post. The play will restart with a goal kick.
Jan Vertonghen (Tottenham) violates the laws of the game and is shown a deserved yellow card by the referee. Norwich earn a free kick which could lead to a goal-scoring opportunity.
Nabil Bentaleb (Tottenham) gives away foul for his fierce tackle against the opponent. A free kick to Norwich.
Moussa Dembele (Tottenham) pulls the shirt of his opponent and only escapes without punishment due to the benevolence of the referee. Norwich are given a free kick. Will they create a chance from this?
Emmanuel Adebayor (Tottenham) makes a foul during an attacking move. Norwich are given an advantage. They have a free kick.
Kyle Naughton (Tottenham) takes the corner, but one of the defenders reacts well and rises highest to head the ball away.
The opposition’s defence is alert as they clear out a dangerous cross, sent by Kyle Naughton (Tottenham). Now Tottenham with a corner.
The referee signals that it is time for a substitution and Gary Hooper (Norwich) is coming onto the pitch as Ricky van Wolfswinkel cannot continue after picking up an injury.
Emmanuel Adebayor (Tottenham) connects with a cross from the side, but produces a header which goes miles wide of the right post. None of the defensive players touched the ball. It’s going to be a goal kick.
Jan Vertonghen (Tottenham) is obviously not following the Golden Rule: „Treat others as you want to be treated.“ He makes a bad challenge, and Craig Pawson is left with no other option than to blow for a foul. A free kick to Norwich. They can move closer towards the goal.
Roberto Soldado (Tottenham) in a great chance! He climbs highest deep in the penalty box and strikes with a powerful header towards the net. Next time he should aim better. His effort ends wide of the left post. A short break for the players as the play will restart with a goal kick.
What a big chance! Roberto Soldado (Tottenham) picks up an inch-perfect pass inside the box and fires the ball by a whisker of the right post. The ball crosses the byline and it is going to be a goal kick.
The referee stops play so that a substitution can be made and Roberto Soldado (Tottenham) replaces Paulinho.
Danny Rose (Tottenham) delivers a fine lofted cross into the penalty area. The opposition’s defence is alert, and one of the defenders clears the ball away.
Leroy Fer (Norwich) attempts to release Robert Snodgrass (Norwich), but his through ball fails to find him. One of the defending players makes a timely intervention.
Hugo Lloris makes a brilliant save! Robert Snodgrass (Norwich) weaves easily through the defence and unleashes a shot from just outside of the box. His effort goes towards the right side of the goal but it is denied by the mentioned goalkeeper! The ball goes to play from a goal kick.
Danny Rose (Tottenham) once again attempts to send a defence-splitting pass, but the opposition’s defence is alert and intercepts the ball.
Bradley Johnson (Norwich) clips a neat ball into the box in the direction of Martin Olsson (Norwich), but he can’t get on the end of a pass.
Kyle Naughton (Tottenham) launches the ball from the resulting corner, but one of the defenders is first to the ball and averts the threat.
Nacer Chadli (Tottenham) sends a cross into the box. However, the opponent’s defence eliminates the danger by clearing the ball out. The ball leaves the pitch. Tottenham have been awarded a corner kick.
Good defending. Nathan Redmond (Norwich) tries to find Leroy Fer (Norwich) inside the box, but the pass is cut out.
Russell Martin (Norwich) releases Ricky van Wolfswinkel, who latched on to his perfect through pass. He can continue with an attacking effort of his team.
Martin Olsson (Norwich) takes a cheeky throw-in and sets up a counter-attack for his team.
The Norwich players are exchanging short passes in an attempt to create a shooting opportunity.
Goal! Bradley Johnson slips it to Robert Snodgrass (Norwich) on the edge of the box and he finds the bottom left corner with a great effort. The score is 1:0.
The game restarts for the second half.
Let’s hope the players will show us more in the second half as the first one has been rather ordinary, without a plenty of goalscoring opportunities. Neither team could take the initiative and to dominate the first half. The home players attempt to beat the opposition’s defence using mostly counter-attacks. The away team tries to prevail using combination football.
The match has reached half-time.
Robert Snodgrass (Norwich) launches a powerful cross from the corner into the box, but the ball is intercepted by the defender.
Robert Snodgrass (Norwich) whips the ball in, but it can’t reach any of his teammates as the opposition’s defence averts the threat. The main referee points to the corner flag, Norwich will take a corner.
Jan Vertonghen (Tottenham) was too aggressive in his challenge. The referee blows his whistle.
Emmanuel Adebayor (Tottenham) almost finds himself in a very promising position, but he is flagged offside by the linesman.
Flag up against Ricky van Wolfswinkel (Norwich). He had space to move into behind the defence, but he went too soon.
Leroy Fer (Norwich) commits a foul during an attacking move.
Norwich hold the ball and display nice passing from player to player.
It could have been a good chance to score! Nathan Redmond (Norwich) fails to release Ricky van Wolfswinkel (Norwich) with a through ball as the defence is alert to make a clearance.
Ricky van Wolfswinkel (Norwich) launches into a thunderous tackle on his opponent and the referee blows his whistle for a foul.
Flag goes up against Ricky van Wolfswinkel (Norwich). The referee blows the whistle for offside.
Corner kick, taken by Robert Snodgrass (Norwich), is headed out of the penalty area by one of the defenders.
Bradley Johnson (Norwich) delivers a long ball, but it lacks enough power to reach his teammates and is intercepted by one of the defenders. The ball goes out for a corner. Norwich can continue in their attacking effort.
Moussa Dembele (Tottenham) is given fully deserved yellow card.
Danny Rose (Tottenham) delivers a promising cross into the box, but one of the defending players wins the ball and averts the threat.
Tottenham are showcasing great team work and neat passing move.
Robert Snodgrass (Norwich) fails to beat the offside trap and the linesman puts his flag up.
Danny Rose (Tottenham) shows too much aggression during an attacking move and ends up fouling his opponent.
A cross into the penalty area from Aaron Lennon (Tottenham) would have to be more accurate in order to create a goal-scoring opportunity for his team.
Russell Martin (Norwich) dispossess an opponent, but the referee blows his whistle, and a free kick is given.
Robert Snodgrass (Norwich) creates himself some space on the edge of the box and unleashes a strong shot which is blocked by a defender.
Paulinho (Tottenham) clearly handles the ball, but he is surprised when the referee blows his whistle. Norwich are awarded the free kick.
Alexander Tettey (Norwich) tries his luck from long range, but it doesn’t give the goalkeeper anything to worry about as it goes high over the bar. It is going to be a goal kick.
Robert Snodgrass (Norwich) sends a quick through ball into space for his teammate, who is lurking on the offside border, but one of the defenders intercepts and clears the danger.
Good team movement sets up Paulinho (Tottenham) on the edge of the box, but he slices the ball narrowly wide of the right post. It’s a goal kick.
Alexander Tettey (Norwich) sends the ball into the box from the side of the pitch, but his cross is blocked.
Some patient build-up play from Norwich as they look to unlock the defence.
Ricky van Wolfswinkel (Norwich) gives away foul for a clumsy challenge. Referee Craig Pawson saw the whole situation.
Rough tackle by Russell Martin (Norwich). The referee blows his whistle for a foul. Tottenham with a free kick.
Sebastien Bassong (Norwich) was the quickest one to orientate himself inside the box and leaps to connect with a cross from the corner kick. He produces a fine header, but it flies narrowly wide of the left post. The ball is out-of-play. The goalkeeper is going to restart the game with a goal kick.
Bradley Johnson (Norwich) will take the corner.
Alexander Tettey (Norwich) whips the ball into the penalty area, but one of the opposition’s defenders makes a quick reaction and spanks it away. The ball has crossed the goal line. Norwich are awarded a corner kick.
The manager has been forced to make a substitution and the injured Etienne Capoue limps off the pitch to be replaced by Nacer Chadli (Tottenham).
Bradley Johnson (Norwich) picks out Martin Olsson (Norwich) with a fine lofted pass, but the latter wasn’t able to create some space to get into shooting range.
A great teamplay by Norwich as they control the ball with a lot of short passes. Patience is the key if they want to find a gap in the defence to score.
A crossfield pass from Sebastien Bassong (Norwich) lacked more accuracy, and the opponent gains possession.
Moussa Dembele (Tottenham) almost got himself in a promising opportunity, but the pass from Aaron Lennon (Tottenham) was intercepted by one of the defending players.
A cross which was clipped into the penalty area by Ricky van Wolfswinkel (Norwich) didn’t pose any threat, so we’ll have to wait a bit more to see an interesting situation.
Jan Vertonghen (Tottenham) and Emmanuel Adebayor show their brilliant ability to combine well with one another and the two of them are proving to be a constant threat to their opponent.
Emmanuel Adebayor (Tottenham) did his best to latch on to a crossfield pass, but it was too long and goes out of play. It’s a throw-in.
Robert Snodgrass (Norwich) takes the corner but fails to find any of his teammates. The ball is easily cleared out of danger.
Good movement by Martin Olsson (Norwich), but he can’t find any of his teammates with a poor cross. It will be a corner kick for Norwich.
The match has just begun.
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Craig Pawson is the one to supervise the game today.
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